Sale and rental of containers

«InviCont OU» specializes in sales and containers rental in Europe and Asia.

The equipment park, which has more than 1500 units, includes the new and used containers of such types and sizes as:

20DC, 20HC, 40DV, 40HC, 40HCPW, etc.

Due to cooperation with shipping lines, international carriers and rail forwarders,

«Invicont OU» provides wide spread geography of containers delivery to buyers in main seaports and strategically important railway stations for shippers in different countries.

One of the most important task of our company is building of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Constant quality control of the service provided to allow us quickly respond to requests and comments from customers.

We offer you:

  • Specialized containers for road, rail and sea transport, which can be used to deliver of goods to other cities and countries.
  • Universal containers that can be used as: warehouses, cabins, utility rooms for storing inventory, products in retail outlets and on construction sites.
  • Containers for the transportation of perishable food (refrigerators).

If you need to buy or rent containers, our staff will be able to help you.